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Famous Love Marriage Specialist: Today you will learn From your palm. How your marriage is seen. When it will happen, with whom it will happen. Will you get a beautiful husband Will get a beautiful wife or not? All these things Divorce is there or not Affair is there or not Answer to all.

These questions are hidden in your palm only You can see them. Yes marriage line gives information about all this You should just know to see it

There are many misunderstandings about this line. If there is one line then there will be one marriage If there are 2 lines then there will be 2 marriages. If there are 3 lines then there will be 3 marriages Or relationships. But it is not so Okay. You will see this line in the hands of Saint and Brahmachari also What does it mean?

You are going to learn all this today. There will be curiosity in your mind And you just have to stay for 8-10 minutes. After that, you will learn to see the marriage line of yourself, your family, members, and society people. Now easily just sit And keep watching on your screen.

There is some confusion in people’s minds. When we talk about palmistry. Then I will make that clear Whenever we talk about the marriage line. You have to look at your dominant hand Dominant hand means

Hand through

The hand through which you work the most Let’s suppose. you do all your work from the right hand. You do 80% work, then you will see your right hand For the marriage line. Let’s suppose your left tea you do your major work from your left hand.

Then you will see your left hand For the marriage line. There is no difference between girl or boy in this You just have to understand that most people are right In this world. So you see your right-hand

Vashikaran For Girl

But if you are lefty then you have to see your left hand That’s it. Now we will move ahead. Now we will talk about where this marriage line is. You can see on your screen Over here there is a cute hand. You will get the marriage line over here. It can be 1, 2, 3, or many So majorly you get the marriage line over here This is its position Other than this it does not have any other position

Do I get married?

Now I will not take much time of yours and I will start the topic slowly. First of all the thought that comes into our mind is when will I get married? See what happens This is everyone’s heart line. I will write “H” for This is the heart line. After that, your small finger ends over here.

The time between this is considered as 50 years Of 50 years okay. Now I feel use a bit of common sense and draw a line in between.

Then this line will represent your age of 25 years Okay Yes. Because age starts from here In this way slowly Towards upwards. If the line is in between then approximately

There you should get married by 24, 25, or 26 age If this line is a bit up, for example. This line is not over here but it is over here. It has come up That means your marriage will be done at the age of 28 or 29 Okay? And if this line is a bit below For example it is over here. That means this person can get married a bit early also That means in the age of 21, 22 or 23

Famous Love Marriage Specialist in India

You can get married at that age also. So in this way, we can guess when the person will get married. So obviously the people who get married late their marriage line is very up It is near the small finger. The first thing you have learned is this. Now we will move ahead and erase this Second thing that comes is how will my married life go.

I will talk one by one Mostly the most common line found in people’s hands. That is 2 marriage lines In this way 2 lines are there. And with these 2 lines, people think that we will have some relation After that. I will get married Or I will have an affair when I’m married

This all is useless. There is nothing like that This is the most common line. which is found in people’s hands. And this is normal That means you are a normal person. You can be trusted When you fall in love or come into a relationship with someone.

Then you are a loyal person You follow the relation with loyalty. But there is a good possibility that in search of love, you meet people You can meet 1, 2 or 3 people. The matter might go ahead But that thing will not be fruitful It might not have a happy ending. This possibility is seen here But these 2 lines also represent that

The First Relationship Line in Modern Times

When this person gets married he will be loyal to his life partner. You will try to make her happy We will keep on doing romantic things for her. These 2 lines are normal and common in everyone’s hand. You mostly find it So there is no need to worry a lot about it.

Today search time is going on that people come in relationship. People are becoming global they are meeting with each other. So in the modern day, its meaning will be this only Okay Now Personally the line which I think is the best is this line. If there is one straight line in your small finger

This is a very interesting line It is in very few people’s hands. But this line indicates the type of partner that you had thought. Somewhere between 19 and 20, you will get it similar only Search beautiful, such loving, such caring Search wealthy In this way.

If there is one straight line If it is cracked or up or down then there is a problem. But if it is straight Then this is its meaning So of this is there in your palm.

Then feel good You are lucky Now there is one more line. You will see in some people’s hands marriage line is turned a bit. If it is turning towards the heart line. That means it is turning towards your heart line. Then search person is attracted to a love marriage I’m not saying that he will do a love marriage

The Psychology Behind the Desire for Love Marriage

I am saying he will be attracted. He has such a mentality that he thinks How can? I get married to anyone just like that At least they should know that person so that I can stay with him. Then only I can get married That is why he will also tell to his family members.

I want you to love marriage Even he will try for a love marriage He will talk with people He will fall in love and also argue with people And he will also have relationships.

He can have 1 or 2 or 3 any number of relationships And there is a 70% chance That. He might also do love marriage Yes For that other things are also seen like. Your Jupiter mount Should be rising Your heart line should not have cut. This is the heart line And your fate lines should be straight till here Okay? If these all conditions are getting fulfilled

Then there is a good chance that he might also have a love marriage Now, we see that the Marriage line is bending towards down Now the marriage line may be building towards up What is its meaning Pandit Ji? Pandit Ji will say If the marriage line is bending up Towards a small finger Then what is its meaning Its meaning is that this person.

They become more busy with their work And give less time to family members, wife, and husbands Such thing is seen with them Now these are normal lines. Now you will say Pandit Ji tell something amazing. So that we can enjoy by listening, okay I will tell you that also don’t worry.

You will see 3 marriage lines in some peoples hand As you can see on your screen It will be like this, it will be like this, one will be like this If you are seeing this scene in anyone’s palm

How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance After Marriage

Because marriage is to be done in society In old age. We need the support of children’s, support of wife, support of the husband That is why. I will get married Otherwise I am more happy with myself only. Yes, Search person is happier in his own work, in his thoughts, in his own world Search a person does marriage for the sake of doing it.

But he is more busy in his own career in creating his own empire In such a person it will be seen That despite staying together In spite of being in a relationship

Now these people are very interesting, listen how Mostly it is said that 3 marriage lines. Are not good But I have not found such things in my experience. I have found that they are good lovers. A young age they had many affairs They have quickly been attracted towards the opposite gender But the day on which they get married After that day I have only one.

Boyfriend vashikaran specialist

He will be loyal Search person will be romantic and also will be ready to fight against the world 3 marriage lines gives such a nature Before marriage they don’t care

Okay You came, you were in a relationship with us, we did not get along together and left But the day on which they get married. They become very loyal There is no one else more loyal than them Now from you all those who have such lines Definitely comment and tell me And also tell the world that palmistry can be so accurate Now we will move ahead

Step-by-Step Palm Reading: Decoding the Mystery of the 4-Line Theory

Now we will talk about some other great people. Who have more than 4 lines in their palm Yes I will make and show it to you It is like this. it is like this, it is like this also and this also If there are 4 lines Then I believe that he is a mortified person and has gone towards the spiritual line

When you fill more air in a balloon the balloon blasts That means due to more than 4 marriage lines Person is more inclined towards mortified, spiritual activities and religious activity And such people become Saint Or become mortified After the age of 40 or 42 Or even if they are not able to do it due to the situation in society

They become mortified by staying in their house. They have such a nature It is possible that they also get married. Okay, the family members might forcefully get him married. But even after getting married they are not married. Even after being in a married bond, they are not married.

This is what I have found in my experience Usually you will find such lines in the palm of Saint They have multiple marriage lines Now we will move ahead

Now I will talk about some relations which cause problems. There are more arguments and fights They get divorced Such people have which type of lines. If you are marriage line splits As you can see on your screen, your marriage line goes like this And after that, this type of sign is there in it After going ahead it has a split. If you have such type of marriage line in your hand Then there is a good chance that you fight a lot with your partner

How to Prevent Divorce and Strengthen Your Relationship

I have found is Most people call it a line of divorce. But no But in today’s time for such a line, an appropriate prediction will be You will fight a lot But you will not leave and go.

There is a saying in Hindi Neither can stay without you nor can stay with you That means you are not able to stay without him And when he is coming near you are also fighting with him So such nature comes into these people’s lives 90% cases also divorce happens Because when arguments and fights will go above a limit And there will be no family to tie T

hen the problem comes This line is also called as an affair line Even after being in marriage you went with someone else to make a relationship And you cheated your wife or husband This also happens With many people Okay

Now over here I would like to say something A person can do an affair at any age or through anything See never break anyone’s heart Don’t give pain in anyone’s heart Because when a curse comes from the heart Then today or tomorrow it will come to you You have broken someone’s heart Just to have physical relationship You had gone You had just shown false love

If you have this type of nature Or if you have done like this anytime Then what I have found is, it comes back to you At definitely comes It will come on you, it will come on your family It will come on your children But it will come So be afraid The one who is sitting above He is not just sitting like that in free fund He is saying everything

How to Handle Relationships that Start with Fights and Arguments

He will give it back in this birth only That is why don’t ever break people’s hearts If you don’t love then tell the truth Leave that person and go That is better. Then extending anything or cheating anyone This was something for your knowledge But according to me you should have that realization Come on now we will move ahead and come on our topic In our topic. Now I will talk about relationships that start with fights and arguments. And after that, the example of the relation is given by the whole world See

There will be one line coming from here like this. One line will come from here like this both will come and meet like this If you have this line of relationship present in your palm In the initial days That is possible due to family members to auntie sister-in-law.

There will be a lot of fights and family There will be a big fight due to mother-in-law and daughter law But after a certain time, after 3 or 4 years It happens that now everything is fine. You get used to it You learn to manage it well And after that people give the example of their marriage. So such things are also seen happening with them. Some lines are considered to be very inauspicious.

I am telling everything together You look at your screen. If there is such a line There is a circle in between then again there is a line This is a very inauspicious line. If your line was going like this and there is a mole in between Basically a black mole is there.

Then this line also becomes inauspicious Now see one more line. If you are marriage line is going like this and another small line is cutting it. It is cutting 1 time or 2 times This is also considered to be inauspicious In this also it is seen that the person is not satisfied with his married life He is not getting happiness

There are some problems Something is missing the partner may be good. But pregnancy is not being it Is not able to conceive. there is the problem of kids Such things are also seen It has been seen that something is lacking in marriage Now we will move ahead and talk about some special lines Which you might find in very few peoples hand OK but such line is in those peoples hand will get married to celebrities They get married to a very famous person Or after getting married their partner becomes very famous And due to that they also get respect

Same Gotra Marriage Solution By Marriage Astrologer

If you are marriage line touches this over here Then you can get married to a celebrity or a famous person Or after marriage that person will become very famous and wealthy This also happens So they are my approximations This is my study On marriage line But still the matter is not over I had told you that I will also tell you with whom you will get married See I have found this thing

Those people get married whose heart line is similar Yes You can see on your screen This is your heart line Okay If your heart line and your partner’s heart line are same And still you have not got married you are still in a relationship

Then there is a good chance that you will get married You try this thing on your family members Your mother and father On your sister and brother in law You will see that their heart line is similar It matches There is not a lot of drastic change So it is seen in this way also That I can get married to this person To see soul mate This line can be used Now don’t tell this in comment section that Pandit Ji half can I see everyone’s hand Actually when you are in relationship with someone I’m telling about that time Then not only hand you can see everything

So that time you should see this line Due to which you can be very sure. I also bought many things written. So that I don’t forget anything. Now it is your responsibility to comment and tell me how much you relate. Tell the world how accurate palmistry can be And.

I may have missed some lines They may be in your hand. I Astro Chetan Pandit. Today I have bought some very important information for all of you As you all know. I discuss the main core topics of astrology numerology palmistry. But many such small things come into my mind to be very beneficial for you. However, I am not able to share it on my main channel to solve this problem.

I will try to tell you all those small things within one minute. These are very important for your life And. can bring a positive change in your life. You might be able to see this short channel on your screen too. So as you have given a lot of love to our main channel Similar love and support.

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