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Love Marriage In Kundli By Astro

Love Marriage In Kundli By Astro
If you’ve been in love with the person you love for a long period of time and are now planning to get married then you need to understand astrological aspects. Do you have a dream of an intimate marriage at some point in your life? Love marriage in Kundli is an important factor that helps people in finding out if they will have love marriage or arranged marriage. You can find out if you will have love marriage or arranged marriage by just making a call to our astrologer.

People who easily get married to the person of their choice have favorable planets in their horoscope. People who believe in astrology (Jyotish) know that with the help of horoscope (kundali) reading, it can be found out that if your marriage will be a love marriage or an arranged one. Love marriage or arranged marriage in kundali.

Love Marriage In Kundli By Astro

The planets in our natal chart in specific positions or houses of the kundli are helpful in people having love marriages. Some planets like Mars and Venus are considered responsible for making love marriage possible for people. Astrologers keep the positions of these planets in mind when they read how to check marriage in kundli in Hindi or in English.

Love Marriage Yoga In Astrology

In Vedic astrology, a yog is a combination of certain planets that make a situation happen in reality. In the case of love marriage, a yoga is having certain planet(s) in specific houses of the horoscope. If these planets are not in a suitable position then the native will never be able to marry the person they love.

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We are now going to tell you some of the most common yoga in astrology that supports the love marriage of the native. These situations or positions of planets are written below:

Venus as well as Jupiter are the planets that love marriage yog in Kundli by date of birth. The Venus is the planet that is responsible for marriage. Venus is the principal Karaka planet of love and love in marriage. A powerful Venus in the birth chart could be a sign of a yog practice for the love of marriage.

Moon is a different planet that can be directly indicating a love marriage in the birth chart. Moon is the symbol of our emotions and thoughts of the native. It is believed that a strong Moon is one that is in balance, just as our emotions need to be in balance. But, if it is weak, the native has a weak Moon, the person will become angry, and his mood becomes unstable. In simple words, a stronger moon is an obvious sign of love marriage in kundali.

Mercury is also a vital planet to watch out for because it is the primary Karaka for communication and friendship. If there’s no communication between the couples in the marital relationship, the love will quickly become exhausted. This is why sometimes couples break up because of a lack of understanding and communication between spouses.

Love Marriage Kundli Matching

Just like the above-mentioned planets and their positions, there are many other planets that are responsible for a person having a love marriage. Before making a love marriage prediction by Kundali/horoscope, you should get in touch with an astrologer who knows how to check love marriage in Kundali.

Another planet that forms love marriage yog in kundli by date of birth is Rahu. Rahu is often connected with obsessional desire or “Maya” or “Illusion”. If Rahu is associated with the 7th house in the birth chart along with Venus, then there are good chances that the person could get married to someone else than his circle. There is also a possibility that Rahu connecting with Marriage could cause a person to marry in a foreign country.

If you do not want to dwell in all these details you can talk to our marriage specialist astrologer directly. You can contact him at +91-9799283347 (Whatsapp).

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